Operating Ratio (OPEX)

Operating Ratio (OPEX),

Operating Ratio (OPEX) Meanings:

  1. Operational level refers to the performance of management when comparing the total cost of ownership of a company (OPEC) with net sales. Operating fees show how effective it is to run a business to keep costs down while generating revenue or revenue. The lower the index, the more efficient company revenue can be in terms of total costs.

    • The operational level reflects the performance of the management when comparing the total cost of ownership of the company with the net sales.
    • The reduction in operating rate is considered a positive sign as it shows that operating expenses represent a percentage reduction in net sales.
    • One of the limitations of the level of operation is that it does not contain loans.

Literal Meanings of Operating Ratio (OPEX)


Meanings of Operating:
  1. Controlling (someone) an operation (machine, process or system)

  2. Surgical intervention.

Sentences of Operating
  1. The Prime Minister uses a division system to govern

  2. Surgeons operated on his jaw yesterday morning.

Synonyms of Operating

perform surgery, use, intervene, be in charge of, run, ply, employ, control, manage, wield, utilize, set off, make go, carry out an operation, handle, work


Meanings of Ratio:
  1. A quantitative relationship between two quantities that indicates how many times one value contains another or is added to another.

Sentences of Ratio
  1. The employment rate for men and women is 8 to 1

Synonyms of Ratio

balance, comparative extent, comparative number, correspondence, correlation, quantitative relation, proportion, relationship


Meanings of OPEX:
  1. Operational costs.

Sentences of OPEX
  1. You've only managed to cut OPEC so far, and most merchants are moving to this location