Definition of Operate:

  1. To run something, such as a piece of machinery, or a business. He had to go through 2 weeks of training before he was able to operate the crane without supervision..

  2. Medical: To perform surgery. The seriously ill patient needed a doctor to operate on him immediately, or his life would be in danger..

  3. Perform a surgical operation.

  4. (of a person) control the functioning of (a machine, process, or system).

  5. To be in working order. This fax machine no longer operates properly, but the one in the library is working fine..

Synonyms of Operate

Perform surgery, Carry out an operation, Intervene, Work, Make go, Run, Set off, Use, Utilize, Employ, Handle, Control, Wield, Ply, Manage, Be in charge of, Act, Angle, Be caught short, Be effective, Be in action, Be responsible for, Be short, Behave, Belong, Brew, Bucket, Bucketshop, Cabal, Carry on, Carry out, Carry through, Chart a course, Collude, Complot, Concoct, Cond, Conduct, Conn, Connive, Conspire, Control, Cook up, Countermine, Counterplot, Coxswain, Cut, Deal with, Deposit margin, Direct, Do with, Drive, Employ, Engineer, Exercise, Exert, Finagle, Finesse, Frame, Frame up, Function, Go, Go long, Guide, Handle, Hatch, Hatch a plot, Hatch up, Have effect, Have free play, Have play, Have the conn, Helm, Hold on, Intrigue, Keep, Lay a plot, Machinate, Make, Make a killing, Make a scoop, Make go, Make use of, Manage, Maneuver, Manipulate, Margin up, Militate, Miss the market, Move, Navigate, Open up, Ordain, Overstay the market, Percolate, Perform, Perform on, Perk, Pilot, Play, Play the market, Plot, Plunge, Ply, Practice, Proceed, Pyramid, React, Rig, Run, Scalp, Scheme, Scoop the market, See to, Serve, Shape a course, Speculate, Stag, Stag the market, Steer, Take, Take a flier, Take care of, Take effect, Tick, Trade on margin, Use, Utilize, Venture, Wangle, Wield, Work

How to use Operate in a sentence?

  1. Surgeons operated on on his jaw yesterday morning.
  2. You should always know how to fully operate any machinery before you try so that you dont cause any major damages.
  3. I have recently graduated from college and because of the state of the economy in the United States, I have to not only forget my schooling, but operate machinery to make a living.
  4. The surgeon has to make sure he has plenty of rest tomorrow because he has to operate on a patient that requires heart surgery.
  5. A shortage of workers to operate new machines.

Meaning of Operate & Operate Definition

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