Definition of Openness:

  1. Lack of secrecy or concealment; frankness.

  2. Personal capacity to entertain different and non-customary (not necessarily new) ideas and to change ones behavior accordingly.

  3. (in sports) a style of play characterized by action which is spread out over the field.

  4. Lack of restriction; accessibility.

  5. The quality of not being covered with buildings or trees.

Synonyms of Openness

Access, Accessibility, Admissibility, Admission, Amenableness, Apparentness, Approachability, Artlessness, Assimilation, Austerity, Availability, Baldness, Bareness, Big mouth, Bluffness, Bluntness, Broadness, Brusqueness, Candidness, Candor, Childlikeness, Clearness, Come-at-ableness, Common speech, Communicativeness, Completeness, Comprehension, Comprehensiveness, Comprisal, Conversableness, Coverage, Crystal-clearness, Defenselessness, Directness, Distinctness, Effusion, Effusiveness, Eligibility, Embodiment, Embracement, Encompassment, Envisagement, Evidence, Evidentness, Exhaustiveness, Exposure, Extroversion, Flow of words, Flowing tongue, Fluency, Fluent tongue, Flux de bouche, Flux de paroles, Flux of words, Forthrightness, Frankness, Freedom, Freeness, Garrulity, Garrulousness, Gassiness, Genuineness, Getatableness, Gettableness, Gift of gab, Glibness, Gregariousness, Guilelessness, Gush, Gushiness, Helplessness, Homespun, Hospitality, Household words, Impressionability, Inclusion, Inclusiveness, Incorporation, Influenceability, Ingenuousness, Innocence, Invitingness, Leanness, Liability, Long-windedness, Loose tongue, Loquaciousness, Loquacity, Malleability, Manifestness, Matter-of-factness, Membership, Movability, Naiveness, Naivete, Naivety, Nakedness, Naturalness, Nonimmunity, Obtainability, Obtainableness, Obviousness, Open mind, Open-mindedness, Openheartedness, Openness to sight, Outgoingness, Outspokenness, Overtness, Palpability, Participation, Patentness, Penetrability, Perspicuity, Persuadability, Persuadableness, Persuasibility, Perviousness, Plain English, Plain dealing, Plain speaking, Plain speech, Plain style, Plain words, Plainness, Plainspokenness, Procurability, Procurableness, Prolixity, Prosaicness, Prosiness, Reachableness, Reception, Receptiveness, Receptivity, Recipience, Responsiveness, Restrainedness, Roundness, Rustic style, Securableness, Severity, Simpleheartedness, Simplemindedness, Simpleness, Simplicity, Sincerity, Single-heartedness, Single-mindedness, Singleness of heart, Slush, Soberness, Sociability, Spareness, Spate of words, Starkness, Straightforwardness, Suggestibility, Susceptibility, Susceptivity, Swayableness, Talkativeness, Tangibility, Tolerance, Toleration, Trustfulness, Unadorned style, Unadornedness, Unaffectedness, Unconstraint, Unguardedness, Unimaginativeness, Unmistakableness, Unpoeticalness, Unquestionability, Unrepression, Unreserve, Unreservedness, Unrestraint, Unrestriction, Unreticence, Unsecretiveness, Unsophisticatedness, Unsophistication, Unsuppression, Unsuspiciousness, Untaciturnity, Unwariness, Verbosity, Vernacular, Visibility, Volubility, Vulnerability, Weakness, Whole, Windiness

How to use Openness in a sentence?

  1. Fitness levels have evolved to increase the speed and openness of the game.
  2. Our hallmark was openness to all comers.
  3. A democratic society committed to openness and transparency.
  4. The openness of the Western landscape.

Meaning of Openness & Openness Definition