Opening Range

Opening Range,

Opening Range:

  1. Meaning of Opening Range: After the market opens, the open range indicates high and low security prices for a certain period of time. Trader's Day looks at the opening area of ​​the stock as it can indicate the mood and trend of the day's prices.

    • The open range reflects higher and lower security prices from time to time after the market opens.
    • The opening range is important for traders as it can provide an indication of price sentiment and current day trends.
    • Traders focus on opening up most areas before or after high volatility.

Literal Meanings of Opening Range


Meanings of Opening:
  1. An opening or space, especially one that allows access.

  2. A beginning, a first part.

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Synonyms of Opening

favourable time, favourable moment, groove, vent, cleft, launch, cranny, hole, space, right set of circumstances, chance, slot, aperture, outset, eye, window of opportunity, crack, start, opportunity, beginning, dawn, favourable occasion, cavity, slit


Meanings of Range:
  1. It varies or spreads between different boundaries.

  2. Arrange or arrange on one or more lines or in a particular order or style.

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  4. Achieve the target range by adjusting the target after firing up or down or using radar or laser devices.

  5. The range of variation between upper and lower limits on a given scale.

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Sentences of Range
  1. Patients between the ages of 13 and 25

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  8. Northwest Coast Range

Synonyms of Range

wander, stray, grazing land, pastureland, paddock, grass, rank, kitchen stove, gamut, compass, pick, mixture, put in order, choice, place, order, sweep, journey, align, travel