Opening Cross

Opening Cross,

What is The Definition of Opening Cross?

  • Open crossover is the method used by Nasdaq to determine the opening price of shares. This method collects data on the buying and selling interests of market participants in the security provided two minutes before the market opens. NASDAQ makes this information available to all investors.

    • With the opening of this crossover, Nasdaq sets the starting price of shares sold on its stock exchange.
    • This is done to show the change in stock sentiment between the previous day's closing price and the morning's opening price.
    • The exchange is open from 9:30 a.m. Eastern time is 16:00, but events outside these hours may result in the stock opening more or less in the morning than on the first day.
    • The opening cross, where buyers and sellers are auctioned, is used to set the opening price of each individual's shares.
    • The aim is to avoid surprises and to provide the same information to all investors about the demand for a particular stock at the time of its opening.

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