Opening Commission

Opening Commission,

What is Opening Commission?

  1. The commission is added to the product before the calculated profit or loss is calculated. This is a fee that the broker charges to carry out your trade. This can be a combination of different fees and charges.

Literal Meanings of Opening Commission


Meanings of Opening:
  1. An opening or space, especially one that allows access.

  2. Beginning of the first part.

  3. Opportunity to get something.

  4. Start with something that started.

Sentences of Opening
  1. He saw a small crack

  2. Maya started writing her story from the beginning.

  3. They seem to have used the options offered better

  4. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes

Synonyms of Opening

chink, outset, split, eye, gap, groove, slit, right set of circumstances, gash, moment, mouth, incision, inception, cranny, window, turn, cut, favourable moment, vent, beginning, birth


Meanings of Commission:
  1. An instruction, order, or task given to a person or group of people.

  2. A group of people is formally assigned a specific role.

  3. In business transactions, an agency is usually paid a fixed percentage of its value.

  4. Orders the appointment of a court, army, navy or air force officer.

  5. Running something recently manufactured, such as a factory or machine.

Sentences of Commission
  1. We had some problems with heating and operation.

  2. Appointed after studying in aspiring school

Synonyms of Commission

portion, committee, endeavour, undertaking, tip, job, piece of work, project, panel, honorarium, advisorate, perpetration, council, advisory body, committing, dividend, order, brokerage, task, employment, directorate, percentage, execution, consideration, contract for, gratuity, share, place an order for