Open system

Open system,

Definition of Open system:

  1. Systems: Flexible system that can adapt and change by interacting with its external environment and, therefore, can defy the effects of entropy. Open systems (such as living organisms, markets, economies) take inputs from the environment, process and transform them, and send them back to the environment as output or waste.

  2. A material system in which mass or energy can be lost to or gained from the environment.

  3. A system in which the components and protocols conform to standards independent of a particular supplier.

  4. Computing: Non-proprietary system based on publicly known standard set of interfaces that allow anyone to use and communicate with any system that adheres to the same standards. Open system standards have four basis requirements (1) they must be defined fully, so that vendors can work within the same framework, (2) be stable over a reasonable length of time, so that the vendors have fixed targets to aim at, (3) they must be fully published, so that their interfaces are publicly available, and (4) they are not under the control any one firm or vendor.

How to use Open system in a sentence?

  1. The open system provided a way for every member of the team to be able to view and understand the present situation.
  2. You need to try and keep a solid open system running so that you can always be able to access the things that you need.
  3. One of these facility executives has taken a close look at open systems based on standard protocols and is concerned about the need to develop extremely precise specifications.
  4. It was an open system , which meant I could bring my consciousness into it and work in there for a little bit before moving back home.
  5. All natural ecosystems are open systems where energy and matter are transferred in and out through the complex interactions of energy, water, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and other cycles.

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