Open Stock Burglary Policy

Open Stock Burglary Policy,

Open Stock Burglary Policy: What is the Meaning of Open Stock Burglary Policy?

  1. Open Stock Burglary Policy means: Insurance coverage for goods, furniture, furnishings and equipment unless the place is open to the public.

  2. A simple definition of Open Stock Burglary Policy is: (Also known as Commercial Open Stock Policy). Insurance covers damage caused by theft of property, furniture, goods and equipment in the insured premises, if the premises are not accessible to the public, provided the signs of theft are visible. . If the facility is not open to the public, the theft of security personnel is also insured. The policy also protects against damage caused by robotic bursts of household and / or construction materials if the insured owns the sick premises or is liable for such damage under a lease agreement. This policy does not apply to cash, manuscripts, titles, records or accounts. Theft, robbery, scarcity, etc. They are also excluded, but robbery during the day or at night can be added with the help of additional bonuses. (See definition of forced entry).

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