Open shop

Open shop,

Definition of Open shop:

  1. A system whereby employees in a place of work are not required to join a labor union.

  2. Firm that (1) does not require membership in any union as a condition of employment, (2) does not recognize or deal with any union, or (3) where the workers have not elected a union to represent their interests.

How to use Open shop in a sentence?

  1. About 270 workers struck Johnson Truck on April 7 after the company, owned by Carlisle Companies, demanded, in addition to economic concessions, an open shop and the dropping of the automatic dues check-off.

Meaning of Open shop & Open shop Definition

Open Shop,

What Does Open Shop Mean?

  • Companies or factories that do not require employees to become union members.

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Meanings of Open:
  1. Allow access, routes or views through uninterrupted or blocked free space.

  2. Not exposed to air or covered

  3. Open to each other with outer or side edges.

  4. (Business, leisure venues, etc.) Regularly approve customers or tourists who are available for business purposes.

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  8. (Note) Comes from open wire or whistle.

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Sentences of Open
  1. The walkway is open to snow cleaners all year round

  2. The fire was burning on the grill

  3. The store is open until 9 p.m.

  4. This service is open to all students

  5. I am very open about my opinion

  6. Subject options may remain open for another year

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  12. They opened a new restaurant across the street

Synonyms of Open

not yet settled, plain-spoken, downright, on hand, up in the air, unsecured, accessible, not closed, unlatch, unfolded, unbolt, open to the public, unbar, off the latch, honest, unlatched, unreserved, spread out, straightened out, straighten out, not afraid to call a spade a spade, on offer, blunt, available, unresolved, undecided, direct, unlocked, not shut


Meanings of Shop:
  1. The building or part of a building where products or services are sold in a store.

  2. Workshop is the place where products are made or repaired.

  3. Visit one or more stores or websites to purchase products.

  4. Report (any)

  5. Digitally edit (photograph photo) with Photoshop photo editing software.

Sentences of Shop
  1. Business card

  2. Car Repair Shop

  3. He goes shopping twice a week

Synonyms of Shop

do the shopping, foundry, retail store, workshop, workroom, mill, break faith with, studio, garage, be unfaithful to, outlet, plant, be disloyal to, buy what one wants, buy what one needs, inform against, store, atelier, industrial unit, stab in the back, retail outlet, yard, go to the shops, inform on, manufacturing complex, factory, betray