A policy that has no expiration date, but is in effect until revoked. There is usually an annual premium deposit (with minimal deductions by the company) and the policy is more or less on a regular premium adjustment report form. Usually a marine form (e.g., postal order, marine goods) in which the value of losses fluctuates over a period of time. Sincere bonds have an expiration date and are therefore an open form.

Literal Meanings of OPEN POLICY


Meanings of OPEN:
  1. Allow access, routes or views through enclosed or unopened spaces.

  2. Not exposed to air or covered

  3. With outer edge or open side.

  4. Officially approved customers (from business, leisure venues, etc.) or visitors available for business purposes.

  5. Free available or accessible without any restrictions.

  6. (Someone) is open and communicative, not subject to deception or closure.

  7. (Question, issue or decision) is definitely not resolved, always allows discussion.

  8. (Note) Comes from open wire or whistle.

Sentences of OPEN
  1. This walkway is open all year round with a snowman

  2. The grill was on fire

  3. The store is open until 9 p.m.

  4. This service is open to all students

  5. I am very open about my opinion

  6. Subject options may remain open for another year

  7. It provides a lot of information about the transportation of brass, such as b. The hand horns have been changed to different tones for maximum opening.

Synonyms of OPEN

obtainable, not closed, available, unlatched, direct, unbar, accessible, unbolted, open to the public, undecided, unsecured, unresolved, unlatch, up in the air, forthright, unsettled, honest, unroll, unlock, unfasten, unfolded, candid, on hand, unfurled


Meanings of POLICY:
  1. The practice or principle of action adopted or proposed by governments, parties, companies or individuals.

Sentences of POLICY
  1. Controversial economic policy administration

Synonyms of POLICY

stratagem, intentions, proposed action, strategy, scheme, blueprint, schedule, position, system, stance, plans, programme, guidelines, theory, notions, line, code, approach, attitude