Open Outcry

Open Outcry,

What Does Open Outcry Mean?

Open protest was a popular way of sending trade orders to trade holes before 2010. Signals and calls are issued in a special way and orders deliver trade, intent and acceptance information to the trade post. An open protest is also compared to a cash exchange, although both are electronic.

  • Public outrage is used by traders to deliver trade orders.
  • Tough competition in commerce has made things very efficient, but e-commerce is proving to be more effective.
  • Successful auctions rely on timely balancing of information, but the equivalence of superior information will help retailers and sellers achieve higher business and maximum commercial performance.

Literal Meanings of Open Outcry


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Meanings of Outcry:
  1. A surprise or a scream

Sentences of Outcry
  1. Scream passionately

Synonyms of Outcry

yell, screech, whoop, roar, exclamation, cry, howl, scream, shriek, shout