Open Offer

Open Offer,

Open Offer Definition:

  • Meaning of Open Offer: An open offer is a secondary market offer, similar to a rights issue. In an open offer, shareholders can buy shares at a price lower than the current market price. The purpose of this offer is to raise funds effectively for the company.

  • This is also called a legal issue. Shareholders of an existing company are offered the right to purchase new shares at a price generally lower than the current market price to raise funds for the company.

Literal Meanings of Open Offer


Meanings of Open:
  1. Allow access to parts or views through uninterrupted or blocked free space.

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Sentences of Open
  1. The pass is open all year round with snow plows

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Synonyms of Open

unlatch, unfasten, outspoken, straightened out, unclick, on hand, unfold, available, on offer, open for business, unresolved, unlatched, unsettled, not afraid to call a spade a spade, unfurled, unbolted, up in the air, frank, not closed, unbar, unroll, unfolded, honest, candid, free-spoken, unbarred, spread out


Meanings of Offer:
  1. Presenting or proposing (to someone) to be accepted or rejected as (required).

  2. Expressing willingness to do or give something whenever you want.

Sentences of Offer
  1. May I buy you a drink?

  2. Mallory accepted the offer to buy him a drink

Synonyms of Offer

render, proposal, present, propose, approach, submission, proffer, extend, provide, advance, tender, recommend, propound, suggestion, come up with, overture, submit, proposition, give, suggest, put forward