Open-Market Transaction

Open-Market Transaction,

What is The Meaning of Open-Market Transaction?

  1. You can define Open-Market Transaction as, An open market transaction is the instruction of an insider to buy or sell a security that is freely available on the stock exchange after submitting all the relevant documents.

Literal Meanings of Open-Market Transaction


Meanings of Open:
  1. Move or adjust (doors or windows) to allow access and visibility.

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Meanings of Market:
  1. Advertise or advertise (something)

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Sentences of Market
  1. Farmers go to the market

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Synonyms of Market

hawk, put up for sale, offer for sale, merchandise, sell, vend, peddle, trade, retail


Meanings of Transaction:
  1. An example of buying or selling something in a company.

Sentences of Transaction
  1. The delivery date is very important in general business negotiations

Synonyms of Transaction

business, contract, bond, arrangement, settlement, affair, pact, agreement, deal, bargain, negotiation, compact, treaty, undertaking