Open Kimono

Open Kimono,

Open Kimono:

  1. Open kimono means expressing what is planned or freely sharing important information. Like opening a book or open door policy, opening a kimono means showing how a project or business works for an outside party. The term offensive is also known as opening kimono.

    • Open kimono means showing how a project or business works for strangers.
    • The term is widely considered sexist and racist.
    • The term was added to the business dictionary in the late 1980s, at a time when business contacts with Japanese companies were on the rise.

Literal Meanings of Open Kimono


Meanings of Open:
  1. Allow access, routes or views through uninterrupted or blocked free space.

  2. Wind or exhibition in everyone's eyes.

  3. Open to each other with outer or side edges.

  4. (Shops, entertainment venues, etc.) are available for eligible customers or visitors to the business.

  5. Available for free or with unlimited access.

  6. (Someone) is open and talkative, does not deceive easily and is not veiled

  7. (Question, matter or decision) is not finally resolved, but it is still open for discussion.

  8. (Note) Comes from open wire or whistle.

  9. Let the (wire) vibrate along its length.

  10. (Circuit) which is an obstacle in the way of running.

  11. (Heads) with relatively wide mouth and low tongue.

  12. Move or adjust (doors or windows) to make the room accessible and visible.

  13. Advanced request or application.

Sentences of Open
  1. This walkway is open all year round with a snowman

  2. The grill was on fire

  3. The store is open until 9 p.m.

  4. This service is open to all students

  5. I am very open about my opinion

  6. Subject options may remain open for another year

  7. For example, it provides a lot of information about the transportation of brass. B. The hand horns were changed to different tones for maximum open tone.

  8. While playing the violin, you can learn to use the open wire to provide reference notes.

  9. Low or zero output voltage means open or short winding in the transformer winding.

  10. He opened the door and entered

Synonyms of Open

not afraid to call a spade a spade, unlocked, unsecured, unbarred, honest, unfolded, unfurled, yet to be settled, obtainable, unbar, undecided, off the latch, unsettled, unfold, not shut, available, blunt, candid, straightened out, not yet settled


Meanings of Kimono:
  1. A long, loose dress with wide sleeves and a belt that was originally worn as a formal dress in Japan and is now worn elsewhere.

Sentences of Kimono
  1. He was wearing a baggy sky blue kimono with a long belt which was hurriedly tied around his back.

Synonyms of Kimono

negligee, housecoat, bathrobe, robe, kimono