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Open Cheque,

Open Cheque:

  1. You can define Open Cheque as, Also known as non-cross check. Checks that do not need to be deposited in an account and can be drawn at the issuer's bank. It also means that checks have been signed, but no money has been paid.

Literal Meanings of Open Cheque


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Meanings of Cheque:
  1. Check English spelling (meaning 4 nouns)

Sentences of Cheque
  1. The bank that generates salaries from its customers acts as an agent.

Synonyms of Cheque

fee, settlement, payment, money

Open Cheque,

Open Cheque: What is the Meaning of Open Cheque?

It is also known without cross check. Checks that do not need to be credited to the account and can be withdrawn from the author's bank. It also means the check that was signed but no money was paid.

Literal Meanings of Open Cheque


Meanings of Open:
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Meanings of Cheque:
  1. The bank is requested to pay a certain amount from the customer's account, which is specifically written on the printed form.

Sentences of Cheque
  1. They give you a check for 000 4,000.