Open-book Management

Open-book Management,

Open-book Management: What is the Meaning of Open-book Management?

  • Management techniques in a company where all employees are involved in running the business provide them with training and access to financial and operational details.

Literal Meanings of Open-book Management


Meanings of Open:
  1. Allow unrestricted or uninterrupted access to space, passage or view.

  2. In front of the wind or exposed.

  3. Where the outer edges or sides are separated from each other, bent or elongated.

  4. Allow customers or visitors to be available for business (from shops, leisure centers, etc.).

  5. Accessible for free or without restrictions.

  6. Don't hide your open, communicative thoughts or feelings.

  7. (Question or decision) Ultimately not resolved, or may be debated.

  8. (Heads) are produced with relatively wide mouth and low tongue.

Sentences of Open
  1. Climb through the open window

  2. Open fire on the grill.

  3. There are tree buds and some flowers are open.

  4. The store is open until 9 p.m.

  5. This service is open to all students.

  6. She is open and cheerful

Synonyms of Open

uninhibited, direct, straightforward, plain-spoken, spread out, unroll, unsecured, simple, unreserved, honest, innocent, extend, unrolled, frank, unfold, undecided, unlock, upfront, yawning, open for business, unfurled, wide open, unfastened, off the latch


Meanings of Book:
  1. A written or printed work consisting of pages that stick to one side or are sewn together and tied in an envelope.

  2. A set of blank sheets of paper for writing.

  3. A series of interlocking stamps, stamps, matches, fabric patterns, etc.

  4. Buy the book (accommodation, location, etc.) in advance (tickets).

  5. Record formal personal data (someone who has violated the law or regulations).

  6. Get started immediately.

Sentences of Book
  1. Book with selected poems

  2. Calculation

  3. Sample book

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  5. The police hired me and took me to the train station.

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Synonyms of Book

journal, manual, companion, softback, schedule, novel, arrange in advance, timetable, fix up, storybook, guide, notebook, exercise book, order, ledger, handbook, programme, secure, diary, hire, yellowback, make a reservation for, charter, cahier, record book, notepad, reserve, prearrange, volume


Meanings of Management:
  1. The process of treating or controlling things or people.

  2. fraud.

Sentences of Management
  1. Economic management

  2. If the company has management, they hide from me.