Opaque Pricing

Opaque Pricing,

What Does Opaque Pricing Mean?

The definition of Opaque Pricing is: Obscure pricing gives companies the ability to sell their products at a lower, hidden price. Ambiguous pricing is a type of price differentiation in which the target customer is the person who buys a product or service based primarily on price (budget-conscious consumer) rather than business characteristics and reputation. Etc.

  • An ambiguous price allows a company to sell a product or service at a hidden, low price.
  • This type of pricing is intended for consumers who value pricing more than popularity or convenience and are widely used in the travel industry.
  • Other techniques of vague pricing include age-based discounts, channel-based discounts, volume discounts and differences in geographic prices.

Literal Meanings of Opaque Pricing


Meanings of Opaque:
  1. It is not possible to see through it is not transparent.

  2. Something or obscure.

Sentences of Opaque
  1. The windows were stained with steam

  2. Fairly, it's comfortable from the end of summer and you can end up with a pretty dark, matte black that will cover all the space.

Synonyms of Opaque

misty, smeared, dirty, filmy, hazy, grimy, blurred, dingy, non-transparent, muddy, cloudy, smeary, muddied


Meanings of Pricing:
  1. An amount of money that is expected, demanded, or paid.

  2. An unwanted experience or action was encountered or committed as a condition for achieving a goal.

  3. Determine the required payment amount (something to sell).

  4. Find out or quote (sell something).

Sentences of Pricing
  1. Land can be sold at a higher price

  2. The value of your success is debated throughout the day

  3. The watch costs 55 55

  4. He thought it was a simple cabin, although many of the things he had acquired over the years were so expensive that many people would breathe a sigh of relief.

Synonyms of Pricing

value, appraise, asking price, penalty, evaluate, selling price, cost, fee, rate, payment, forfeiture, estimate, toll, amount, sum, put a price on, sacrifice, fix the price of, consequence, terms, forfeit, result