Definition of Onus:

  1. It is used to indicate something that is a duty or responsibility.

  2. Stress, need, responsibility or responsibility, especially anxiety. See also expensive.

Synonyms of Onus

Smirch, Reproach, Encumbrance, Stigma, Culpability, Must, Ethics, Stigmatization, Trouble, Unmistakable sign, Cargo, Weight, Assigned task, Tax, Aspersion, Inconvenience, Sure sign, Taint, Bloody hands, Baton, Censurableness, Duties and responsibilities, Impediment, Implication, Reprehensibility, Peccancy, Smudge, Conclusive evidence, Disparagement, Smear, Bounden duty, Penalty, Black eye, Censure, Black mark, Tarnish, Place, Mark of Cain, Brand, Load, Reprovability, Determination, Chargeability, Liability, Reprimand, Arraignability, Impedimenta, Spot, Odium, Reflection, Point champain, Cross, Guilt, Loyalty, Stigmatism, Obligation, Self-imposed duty, Burden of proof, Impeachableness, Pack, Red-handedness, Call of duty, Arraignableness, Allegiance, Millstone, Dedication, Pillorying, Fault, Absolute indication, Dirty hands, Blur, Impeachability, Embarrassment, Obligation, Blot, Burden, Indictableness, Criminality, Ironclad proof, Deference, Business, Demonstration, Onus probandi, Inculpation, Hamper, Stain, Fealty, Homage, Reproachableness, Freight, Involvement, Damning evidence, Ought, Burden, Respect, Smutch, Charge, Complicity, Burthen, Mantle, Task, Weight, Duty, Slur, Charge, Encumbrance, Bend sinister, Badge of infamy, Settlement, Indisputable evidence, Deadweight, Cumbrance, Handicap, White elephant, Guilty conscience, Mission, Imperative, Censurability, Imposition, Incontrovertible evidence, Proof, Imputation, Champain, Broad arrow, Lumber, Bar sinister, Guiltiness, Devoir, Difficulty, Reprovableness, Line of duty, Commitment, Establishment, Indictability, Disadvantage, Attaint, Blameworthiness, Duty, Load, Responsibility, Devotion

How to use Onus in a sentence?

  1. It is your responsibility to show that you have been harmed.

Meaning of Onus & Onus Definition