Online-To-Offline Commerce

Online-To-Offline Commerce,

Online-To-Offline Commerce: What is the Meaning of Online-To-Offline Commerce?

  1. The definition of Online-To-Offline Commerce is: Offline electronic commerce (O2O) is a business strategy that attracts potential users of online channels to shop in physical stores. Offline e-commerce (O2O) identifies users in the online space, for example, through email and Internet advertising, and then uses a variety of tools and approaches to drive customers out of the online space. Online place. This type of strategy combines the techniques used in physical marketing with the techniques used in online marketing.

    • Offline Electronic Commerce (O2O) is a business model that attracts potential users of online channels to shop in physical stores.
    • Techniques that commercial O2O companies may use include selecting items purchased online at the store, returning items purchased online to a physical store, and ordering customers online at the store.
    • The acquisition of Whole Foods Markets by Amazon and the acquisition of by Walmart are two examples of O2O trading.
    • Target, Walmart, CVS and many other retailers have accelerated home road transport and / or collection as two effective O2O strategies to meet the needs of consumer consumers with safe shopping options. Is.

Literal Meanings of Online-To-Offline Commerce


Meanings of Online:
  1. Control or connect to another computer or network.

  2. When connected to computer control.

  3. In operation or in stock.

Sentences of Online
  1. However, in 1960, only 31 computers were online and connected to each other.

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Meanings of Offline:
  1. Not directly controlled or connected to any computer or external network.

  2. Although it is not directly controlled or connected to a computer or external network.

Sentences of Offline
  1. Some measures work over the Internet, while others use the Internet directly to facilitate offline activities.

  2. The Internet service provider also deactivated two other popular sites as ordered by the government.


Meanings of Commerce:
  1. Especially buying and selling large-scale activities.

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Sentences of Commerce
  1. There is a good chance that trade by rail will increase

  2. Out of the ordinary business of civilized life

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Synonyms of Commerce

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