Online surveys for money 2020

If you’re like most people, you have opinions about everything, from the features you want in a smartphone to the policy positions of political candidates. By sharing your thoughts, you can earn extra income by taking online surveys.

With each survey typically netting you between $1 and $5 dollars worth of rewards, taking surveys online isn’t going to replace your full-time income. Experienced survey takers report making $7-8 per hour. However, it is very easy money that anyone can make, and if you spend time working on it consistently, over the course of a month you will rack up a noteworthy sum.

There are many market research companies online that offer paid surveys. Keep in mind that each survey pays very little. So the key is to sign up for several different companies, spend time completing surveys every day, and to complete every survey they send your way. If you hope to accumulate a noteworthy payout, you need to treat your survey taking like you would a job and not take too many days off, or skip very many surveys.
A word of caution: Some survey sites are a ruse to get your personal information, then bombard you with spam. Only sign up with reputable sites. We’ve listed ten of the best below. An online search will turn up many more, but before you join, check them out.


1 Sites to Consider
1.1 Swagbucks
1.2 Inbox Dollars
1.3 Springboard Panel
1.4 Harris Poll Online
1.5 CashCrate
1.6 MintVine
1.7 Toluna
1.8 Opinion Outpost
1.9 MySurvey.com
1.10 Global Test Market
2 Tips
Sites to Consider:
Swagbucks is probably the most well known and popular online survey company. They reimburse you for every survey taken by offering something called Swagbucks, or SB for short, which are redeemable for gift cards to a wide range of internet retailers such as Amazon.

Inbox Dollars
With Inbox Dollars, you can earn money for a lot more than just taking surveys. If you opt in, you can also earn money for reading emails, and letting Inbox Dollars learn about you as you shop online and play online games.

Springboard Panel
Springboard America pays a small fee for every survey completed. Once you’ve accumulated $50 in funds you can redeem your funds for an Amazon gift card or get cash in the form of a bank deposit or prepaid VISA card.

Harris Poll Online
Harris Poll is run by the Nielsen Group, making them part of one of the largest and most respected market research firms in the country. At Harris Poll, you will be provided the opportunity to fill out surveys for some household brands, and earn rewards from companies like Amazon, ESPN, iTunes, The Wallstreet Journal, and Starbucks.

Cash Crate is another option that pays for a variety of activities, including surveys, playing games online, and getting paid for web searches. Unlike many other programs, Cash Crate is happy to send you a check – not just a gift card – for your earnings once per month, assuming you meet their $20 minimum threshold.

At MintVine, you get paid for taking surveys and agreeing to try out new products and services. You’re paid in cash, and eligible for a payout anytime you earn $10 in accumulated earnings.

Toluna is a market research company where you can sign up to take surveys and be rewarded with a variety of gift cards from companies like Redbox, Sears, Target, and the Gap. Like many of the other companies on this list, Toluna operates on a points basis, and you redeem the points for rewards when you reach a minimum threshold.

Opinion Outpost
Upon signing up with this site, you will be randomly selected to participate in a survey. Every completed survey is rewarded with Opinion points, with every survey valued at a specific number of points. Redeem points for cash at the rate of $1.00 for every 10 points.

Completing surveys earns you points that are redeemable for cash or merchandise. You will also be entered into a monthly sweepstakes.

Global Test Market
Launched in 1999, the site provides market research to global clients. After completing your survey, you receive market points. Each survey rewards between 35 to 40 points. There are also sweepstake surveys available.

To have the most success taking surveys online, keep these tips in mind:

Create an e-mail account that you use just for taking surveys. This will help keep you organized, and will protect your personal private inbox from the heavy influx of emails you can expect after signing up with several survey sites.
Sign up with a number of survey sites. Each site will send you anywhere from 2 or 3 surveys per day to 1 or 2 surveys per week. Registering with a number of sites helps you earn more by completing several surveys from multiple websites.
Don’t be choosy when it comes to completing surveys, even if it pays little. Use every opportunity to build your reputation and credibility. This will guarantee future business with the survey site, providing you with more work and possibly better remuneration.
Set time aside each day to complete surveys. If you want to make a noteworthy income by taking surveys, you will have to be consistent.
Always provide honest opinions. Most online surveys question the performance of products and services. Presenting your honest view is necessary to help companies improve.
Enable the AutoComplete function in your web browser. This feature automatically fills in similar information including your name, address, telephone number and so on, saving you time.
Never divulge sensitive or private information on a survey. While you may have to divulge some sensitive information when you register for certain survey sites, a legitimate survey will never request this sort of information.


Online surveys for money 2020

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