Online Purchase Savings

Online Purchase Savings,

What is The Meaning of Online Purchase Savings?

  • Meaning of Online Purchase Savings:

    When you buy a policy online, you can pay a lower price.

Literal Meanings of Online Purchase Savings


Meanings of Online:
  1. Control or connect to another computer or network.

  2. When connected to or under computer control.

  3. In operation or in stock.

Sentences of Online
  1. However, in 1960, only 31 computers were online and connected to each other.

  2. Once inside, the control continued to work when he turned a few buttons.

  3. The city's new high-tech plant is set to open this month.


Meanings of Purchase:
  1. Get it by paying to buy (something).

  2. Elevation (rope or cable) or height (anchor) using hooks, levers, etc.

  3. A position or position in something to use the positional power for profit, or the benefits that will be gained from that use.

Sentences of Purchase
  1. Mr Gill saw the manuscript at a local auction and bought it for 1,500

  2. The hooves struggled to catch the slippery floor

Synonyms of Purchase

buy, acquire, obtain, pick up, snap up, take, secure, procure, come by, pay for, shop for, invest in, put money into, grip, firm contact, attachment, hold, foothold, footing, toehold, fingerhold, anchorage, support


Meanings of Savings:
  1. Save or reduce money, time or other resources.

  2. The money we save, especially through state-owned banks or the system.

  3. Backup is an exception.

  4. Avoid wasting some resources.

  5. Exceptions Exceptions.

  6. With great literature.

Sentences of Savings
  1. This results in significant savings in development costs

  2. The agent cheated him out of his savings

  3. The ban will impose special savings on chemists and dental care.

Synonyms of Savings

economizing, economy, frugality, thrift, thriftiness, retrenchment, cutting back, belt-tightening, penny-pinching, nest egg, money put by for a rainy day, life savings, except for, with the exception of, excepting, if there are no, if there is no, bar, discounting, short of, apart from, but for