Online processing

Online processing,

Definition of Online processing:

  1. A method of using a terminal remote from a company mainframe or an interface to the Internet like an e-commerce website for taking product orders and dealing with payments. The online processing of orders offers considerable savings and greater overall efficiency for most business sales operations, although system down time can be costly in terms of lost sales.

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  1. The definition of ON-LINE PROCESSING is: Techniques used during dating require immediate treatment. For example, when a Medicare plan member is admitted to the emergency room, the patient's membership number can be entered through the central computer's terminal, which can locate the member's file in seconds and retrieve it from your medical record. Can send full copy. And call it emergency services. Make available. (Compare with batch and real time processing.)

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Meanings of PROCESSING:
  1. Perform a series of mechanical or chemical processes on (something) to modify or maintain.

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