Definition of Onerous:

  1. Unreasonable, oppressive, cruel or demanding circumstances, duties or obligations in which the loss or value outweighs the benefit or advantage. See also Evidence.

Synonyms of Onerous

Wearying, Plaguey, Heavy, Arduously, Demanding, Burdensome, Crushing, Forced, Vexatious, Superincumbent, Hefty, Wearing, Hard, Taxing, Toilsome, Laborious, Punishing, Backbreaking, Overburdensome, Impeditive, Unwieldy, Tyrannous, Arduous, Exigent, Wearisome, Strenuous, Difficult, Ponderous, Tough, Labored, Hard-fought, Grueling, Oppressive, Irksome, Lumpish, Harsh, Painful, Herculean, Annoying, Operose, Hard-earned, Unruly, Impedimental, Exhausting, Heavy-handed, Onerously, Exacting, Strained, Besetting, Uphill, Incumbent, Trying, Effortful, Cumbersome, Weighty, Laboriously, Massive, Troublesome, Hardly, Burdensomely, Toilsomely, Encumbering, Killing, Grinding, Grievous, Impeding, Difficultly, Bothersome, Cumbrous, Hampering

Meaning of Onerous & Onerous Definition


How Do You Define Onerous?

  1. It involves a lot of effort, difficulty or difficulty. It's a burden.

Meanings of Onerous

  1. (Duties, duties or responsibilities) which includes undue effort and difficulty.

Sentences of Onerous

  1. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally

Synonyms of Onerous

back-breaking, awkward, inconvenient