One Dark Night In Broad Daylight

One Dark Night In Broad Daylight

What do you see about this poem: Two boys stand up to fight ...? 3

There are also.

Tired and gentlemen, thin and fat,

Let me tell you a story, I don't know anything about it

Free admission, door to door payment,

Now pull up a chair and sit to the right.

Beautiful mid-morning

Two boys get up to fight.

back to back,

They opened their swords and took off their clothes.

A man came to see the fair play

A foolish man came to Ray Yarn!

A deaf policeman heard the voice and

I have come to arrest them both.

He lives in the corner in the middle of the block.

In a vacant two-story placement

A man passes by without legs

And kicked the lawyer's thigh.

He walked silently along the wall.

Under a dry river and suddenly fell.

At that moment he came to get her

But he escaped with his life and is still missing.

I looked around the corner of the round table

The only realistic eyewitness to my fairy tale

But if you doubt my truth.

Asked the man, he also saw.

One Dark Night In Broad Daylight