Onde Fica A Lixeira Do Celular

Onde Fica A Lixeira Do Celular

Where did Sansong or Star Phone go?

Software developed for cell phones does not have a trash, hair option or has very little ability to frame two phones.

With Ema Mobile 2, if you delete the file, it will be moved to the Trash, where it will remain in the same Spanish possession on the hard drive.

Unfortunately, you do not know whether to retrieve this video or it will download it again.

Many SPs help you !!!

Uh strong steel !!!

Ixi ........ J مدت period !! If you delete the file from this phone model, the number will be restored !!! :(

Deleted and if you did

Trend for your voice code

Samsung Star TV Pro and Samsung Star GT5230 or © code: * # 5239870, #

And password ©: * # 7092463 * #

Select for Opera (3) test mode, follow this order:

Button (5) Add audio

DPS or press the button (3) SPEC setup

Click on the paragraph soon (4) Spill wave / mp3

Dps Press Number (5) SPK mp3

Then just press (1) spk mp3 shield n

Price and DPS or not 6. (14) 498 (0x1 f)

Where do we go at 6 or point 6?

Press or n ° 6 to appear (SPK MP3 Slop, WRITE).

Enter the bar or value 511 and click OK

Another guide to putting the game (or less frequently)

Very simple, easy and precise number of programs. First download the resolution in Java or 240x400 or 240x320, such as no for memory card, no put or put in any folder. Submit from any Star Browser and create your favorite IM file: /// Mount / Mmc / gamename.jar.

For simplicity, create the master file as a file: ///Mount/Mmc/1.jar im Rename all files to 1. Do this as Secure or Install Bookmarks as Java. Next, let's post 1ÃÂà° pa or jar two or memory card, rename 1 (but easy) 3 non insert non-favorites and don't click on Java (the link you created) this PEID , Make it easy. You make a deposit and click to install or play. Just don't put lemonade numbers or any folder instead of cardboard.

This phone number does not have a trash can. Return deleted items.

Onde Fica A Lixeira Do Celular