On Hire Off Hire

On Hire Off Hire

What does free charter mean in maritime transport?

With a time charter, a charter clause gives the owner time to repair the ship. In other words, a no-lease clause means that the owner can charter his ship for a limited period of time until the ship can be repaired or dry docked.

What does off-hire mean in this sense?

OffHire means a period of time during which the rent under Section 14 is not payable. OffHire means any period under the rental for which the renter does not pay the rent through the rent.

What’s in the rental overview besides the points mentioned above?

On / Off required for rental status. Definitions. Charter Survey A comprehensive survey of a ship to determine its condition prior to chartering. Out-of-charter investigation A thorough investigation of a ship to determine its condition before she is withdrawn from charter.

With that in mind, what is it like to rent the container?

Non-rental clauses. In essence, the decommissioning clause gives the charterer of the ocean-going vessel a reason not to have to pay the rent at certain times when the vessel is out of service.

What is the average rent?

Word When you hire someone, hire or pay them to do a specific job for you. 16 of the attendees have called in lawyers and are suing the organizers. [verbal noun] The rest of the staff is hired on a fixed-term contract. [

What is a SOC container?

SOC Shipper-owned container The term “shipper-owned container”, also known as a SOC, means that a container belongs to a recipient. One of the main advantages of this mode of transport is the lack of detention or unemployment benefits and demurrage, which are payments for the long-term use of the container.

What are COC and SOC containers?

Carrier Owned Container (COC) A container owned or leased by a shipping company - new or used - to transport cargo by providing both the container and the transport service. The COC is the opposite of a SOC and causes mooring and storage costs that are not incurred by a SOC.

Why is monitoring empty containers so important for efficient operations?

Improve the efficiency of existing goods rotation by better linking import and export activities by synchronizing flows. Instead of returning directly to the rail or sea terminal, an empty container can be taken directly to an export point for loading.

On Hire Off Hire