On hand

On hand,

Definition of On hand:

  1. Present, especially for a specified purpose.

  2. Available now.

  3. Needing to be dealt with.

Synonyms of On hand

Accessible, Adaptable, All-around, At hand, Attendant, Available, By one, Convenient, Free and clear, Handy, Held, Immanent, Immediate, In fee, In fee simple, In hand, In seisin, In stock, In store, In supply, In view, Indwelling, Inherent, Of all work, On board, On call, On deck, On tap, Own, Owned, Possessed, Present, Ready, To hand, Versatile, Within call, Within reach, Within sight, Ready, At the ready, Available, Accessible, Handy, At ones fingertips

Meaning of On hand & On hand Definition