On Fedex Vehicle For Delivery

On Fedex Vehicle For Delivery

What does it mean on a FedEx vehicle for delivery? ۔

I ordered British sweets and other British goods on Sunday. She is from New Hampshire.

Monday 12:16 (Shipping information sent to FedEx)

4pm (pick up at Portsmouth, NH)

7:53 pm (FedEx or PORTSMOUTH, NH compound left)

Tuesday 5:02 am (arriving at FedEx NEWARK, NJ)

12:40 (part of FedEx Newark, NJ)

Wednesday 8:54 (MEMPHIS, TN arrives at FedEx office)

12:11 (on the way to MEMPHIS, TN)

6:01 pm (part of FedEx MEMPHIS, TN)

Thursday (today) at 7:19 a.m. (at the local FedEx office in Jackson, TN)

7:21 a.m. (in a FedEx vehicle for delivery to Jackson, TN)

So if we're in the heart of Jackson, TN, how long will it take to receive my package? The current time is 09:01. The FedEx website reports an estimated delivery: Thursday, 3/27/2014, before 8 p.m. If you don't know, I'll be happy to buy sweets and things, because I haven't been to England since June. :)

Thanks in advance! :)

You placed an order at your door this morning. You will then receive it depending on when FedEx usually arrives in your neighborhood. So remember, when you see this tr, you get it. 8:00 p.m. M. This is only the time of your last delivery, not necessarily when you receive it.

Kendran shipped by FedEx vehicle.

If you are asked to drop off your package at the nearest FedEx location instead of normally delivering it to your door, there are two things with your tracking. An exception is H. The message has changed since normal delivery and you will see (if your order has reached your main facility but not your local facility) a message for delivery to your FedEx vehicle. In this case, the package will be delivered to the local office where you placed the LD order. Once you've received your pickup message for delivery, it's time to pick up.

FEDEX order delivery status.

Here you will find the meaning of delivery message from FEDEX Track and Trace System. The following status messages may appear when sending a package with FEDEX.

I arrived at the FedEx location.

The package is scanned upon entering the FedEx utility. This status does not mean that the package has reached its final destination. Delivery can also reach intermediate stations (for example, goods redistribution centers).

In the target rating system.

Reached the package receiving area. Delivery must be made to the FedEx facility once before sending to the recipient.

At a local FedEx facility.

The package will be stored at a FedEx shipping center and will be processed immediately.


The package is sent to the desired recipient or the destination person.


Status discount means that an unexpected event prevented your FedEx package from being delivered. Some examples of status exceptions are customs delays, no one receives your package delivery, labels, lost documents, etc. For more information about the status of your package, contact Fedex Customer Service.

In the corridor

On Fedex Vehicle For Delivery

On Fedex Vehicle For Delivery

Your package will not leave the FedEx premises and you will use it immediately. There are other projects available besides you. The best guess is what they give you when they act on it.

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On Fedex Vehicle For Delivery