Definition of Omega:

Omega is a measure of the value of an option, like the Greek option, which itself measures the various features of the option. Omega measures the percentage change in the price of an option for a change in the base price. In this way, it measures the advantage of the option position.

  • As the third derivative of option value, Omega measures option leverage.
  • Omega was not always referenced in selected Greeks.
  • This variable is often used by options market makers or other sophisticated high volume options traders.

Meanings of Omega

  1. The 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet (Ω,) is transcribed as "o" or "ō".

  2. Oh m

Sentences of Omega

  1. Oh yes, round letters are too small, yes floating between the micrometer and the omega line.

Synonyms of Omega

conclusion , finis , ending , close , completion , finale , finish , termination