Oil Field

Oil Field,

Oil Field:

An oil field is an area of ​​land that is used to extract oil from the ground, such as natural gas or crude oil. When some discuss the origin of oil, most see it as fossil fuels made from dead organic matter, often found thousands of meters below the surface in the ocean floor.

  • Oil fields are lands where fossil fuels can be extracted for economic purposes.
  • Much of the world's oil is concentrated in the Middle East's oil fields, as well as in other large deposits below sea level.
  • Finding oil to find new wells can be expensive and dangerous, but it can also be very rewarding when large reserves are identified.

Literal Meanings of Oil Field


Meanings of Oil:
  1. Lubricate, cover or oil.

  2. As an oil supply.

  3. Vascose liquid derived from petroleum, specially developed for use as a fuel or lubricant.

  4. Oil painting

Sentences of Oil
  1. I'll oil the door for you tomorrow

  2. This competition is helping the world move away from high carbon fuels such as oil and coal.

  3. Oil Portrait

Synonyms of Oil

lubricant, lubrication, lubricate, grease


Meanings of Field:
  1. Play as a defender.

  2. Submit (team or individual) to play.

  3. Solve (difficult questions, phone calls, etc.)

  4. An area of ​​open land, mainly planted with wheat or grass, and usually attached to a fence or fence.

  5. Area of ​​study or area of ​​activity or special interest.

  6. A room or area where an object is visible from a particular angle or through a tool.

  7. All participants in a competition or sport.

  8. An area on the flag with the same background color.

  9. An area where certain conditions apply, especially where a force or influence works regardless of the presence or absence of a material resource.

  10. This system is similar to two binary operations in which multiplication and multiplication of real numbers and similar rotation and distribution laws are followed.

  11. Performed in a natural environment, not in a laboratory or office.

Sentences of Field
  1. First, he rolled his eyes at the ball, when he lifted his little leg and did not notice that Sarwan had tried to throw it over his right shoulder.

  2. School with a modest team

  3. He answered five cell calls

  4. Wheat field

  5. We talk to professionals from different fields.

  6. The stars move in the field of view of the telescope

  7. Destroy the rest of the field with a destructive speed injection

  8. Fifty white stars in the blue field

  9. This approach explains how electrons are affected by fields created by others in the Frami Sea.

Synonyms of Field

green, play, actual, area, entrants, specialty, grassland, specialism, empirical, put in the team, non-theoretical, reply to, purview, pasture, reach, scope, put up, speciality, active, cope with, subject, range, paddock, competition, answer, province, runners