Og Card Game

Og Card Game

What are the rules of OG card game? 3

It's like 3 cards in front of everyone with many cards in hand. Resets to hit 2s card. Then. Do you know the rules I can't find it anywhere on Google.

Yes ... you are right, they are all up to 3 cards and they have a lot of cards in their hands. Hit 2s on reset card.

I now!

Og Card Game

Og Card Game

Card game

Without realizing it, each player must face 3 cards. Then 6 cards are given to each player. Since 6, you put 3 cards in 3 cards in R. You cannot touch 3 cards unless you have more cards in your hand and in your extra deck. 2 is a reset card where you can insert another card.

3 is a SPIEGEL card, and if you do not have a larger card than the previous one, you can insert it.

10 art. This means that all r letters will be removed.

If there are no possible cards to deal with, it means you should move the deck from wle to r.

The rule of the game is to get rid of your cards as soon as possible. And in addition to the tse card, you can only keep the same or the same card as the previous card.

Until the extra deck is gone and you have 3 cards in your hand, you have to take your hand and fill it until it is gone.

This game is made for a maximum of 5 people. Yes, it can be too long or too easy.

Og Card Game