Offsetting Transaction

Offsetting Transaction,

What is The Definition of Offsetting Transaction?

You can define Offsetting Transaction as, One deletion operation cancels the effect of the other operation. Offset transactions can be made in any market, but offsetting transactions usually refer to option markets, futures contracts and foreign instruments. Trade off can mean closing the trade or taking a different position in the opposite direction to reverse the previous effect.

  • A net transaction is an activity that negates the risks and rewards of another position or transaction.
  • Offset, if possible, means closing the position, but it can also mean taking the opposite position (or as much as possible) on the same device.

Literal Meanings of Offsetting Transaction


Meanings of Offsetting:
  1. Disappoint (something) with equal and opposite force or effect.

  2. Offline space.

  3. Move the print to the next sheet or sheets (ink or newly printed page).

Sentences of Offsetting
  1. Donations to charities are tax deductible.

  2. Some places where the crust stands at its height.

  3. There is compensation in the text.

Synonyms of Offsetting

counterpoise, cancel out, make amends for, equilibrize, compensate for, make up for, balance, atone for, counterbalance, redeem, countervail, make restitution for, equalize, cancel, nullify, even out/up, make good, counteract, balance out, indemnify, redress, neutralize


Meanings of Transaction:
  1. Example of buying and selling something.

  2. Publish minutes of scientific community meetings.

  3. Messages received in a computer system that are thought of as a unit of work.

Sentences of Transaction
  1. Delivery date is very important in normal business.

  2. Current transactions

Synonyms of Transaction

arrangement, settlement, log, agreement, doings, matters, undertaking, account, affair, records, concerns, bargain, annals, negotiation, treaty, deal, proceedings, contract, journal, report, dealings, activities, bond, publication, chronicle, affairs, minutes, pact, compact, goings-on