Definition of Offset:

  1. Ledger - Canceling ledger entries with identical but opposite entries.

  2. The printing process is described in which the ink is transferred from a plate or a stone to a uniform surface of rubber and from there to the paper.

  3. (Ink or printed pages only) Move the printing to the next sheet or sheets.

  4. Plant background shoots are used for propagation.

  5. In a derivative market, to meet a futures position, a trader enters into an equivalent but opposite transaction, which removes the obligation to supply the physical underlying. The purpose of compensation is to reduce the net position of investors in the investment to zero so that no loss or damage of any kind can be recognized in this position.

  6. Take offline.

  7. In terms of compensation, the position is assumed against the open initial position on the stock exchange. For example, if you have 100 long XYZ shares, selling 100 XYZ shares is a net position. Accountant positions can also be created using hedge tools, such as futures or options.

  8. Fight (something) through opposing force or influence.

  9. An elbow on the tube to remove obstacles.

  10. Wall edges on walls or other features that reduce the thickness of the front.

  11. A decision or value that diminishes or compensates for the effect of reflection.

  12. The amount or distance at which an object is separated.

  13. Options and Futures Trading: Equal to the same delivery month, but vice versa, close the position in the trading. The settlement removes the obligation to physically supply (or accept) the supply of goods or the financial instrument on which it is based. To compensate for the initial purchase, a sale is made. Purchases are made to compensate for the initial sale.

  14. Bank: A bank or other lender has the right (called the right to indemnify) the debtor (and / or guarantor) of a bank or other lender with an account balance in another bank after receiving an attached order. See also block compensation.

Synonyms of Offset

Deaden, Contra, Redeem, Input oscillation, Counteragent, Undo, Make good, Indemnify, Counterweigh, Contravene, Counterbalance, Impression, Antonym, Reimburse, Outweigh, Antithesis, Play at cross-purposes, Soften, Reprint, Make up for, Color printing, Wood-block printing, Photozincography, Lithography, Even out, Balance, Xylotypography, Chromotypography, Planographic printing, Oppose, Counteraction, Repay, Process, The contrary, Inverse, Zincography, Feeling, Chromoxylography, Rotary photogravure, Neutralizer, Stamp, Conflict, Be at cross-purposes, Controvert, Publishing, Photolithography, Remedy, Printmaking, Counteract, Antacid, Compensate for, Preventative, Soften the blow, Counteractant, Dampen, The other side, Counterwork, Photographic reproduction, Relief printing, Counteract, Check, Antipode, Ballast, Even up, Job printing, Opposite number, Conflict with, Offshoot, Planography, Photo-offset, Equipoise, Obverse, Opposite, Contrast with, Three-color printing, Print, Collotype, Halftone engraving, Indemnify, Cushion, Cancel, Vis-a-vis, Neutralize, Counterpose, Buffer, Filiation, Analog process, Palaeotypography, Counterirritant, Shoot, Equalize, Book printing, Compensation, Quid pro quo, Neutralize, Overcorrection of error, Recompense, Absorb the shock, Thwart, Counterpoise, Setoff, Set off, Phototypography, Bring to nothing, Lithogravure, Cancel out, Counterweight, Behavior pattern, Oscillatory behavior, Make restitution, Mackle, Antipole, Make up for, Counter, Counterpole, Compensate, Countervail, Digital process, Electronography, Offprint, Photochemical process, Show consideration, Letterpress, Negate, Redeem, Make up, Rotogravure, Break the fall, Hunting, Tit for tat, Branch, Balance out, Onset, Suppress, Counterpoise, Photoengraving, Foil, Printing, Balance, Be opposed to, Chromotypy, Oppugn, Impress, Offset lithography, Juxtapose in opposition, Electrostatic printing, Typolithography, Countervail, Frustrate, Void, Photography, Sheetwork, Stop, Publication, Clash, Show mercy, Letterpress photoengraving, Imprint, Stultify, Antipodes, Overshoot, Equalizer, Makeweight, Mimeograph, Come to nothing, Make good, Counterbalance, Phototypy, Xeroprinting, Consideration, Countercheck, Counteractive, Cancel out, Vitiate, Nullify, Typography, Offcut, Even up, Contrapose, Negativate, Photogelatin process, Run counter to, Two-color printing, Self-excitation, Show pity, Converse, Make amends, Damp, Equalize, History of printing, Annul, Reissue, Atone for, Nullify, Contradict, Xerography, Square up, Negative, Line engraving, Sprout, Antidote, Even out, Preventive, Albertype, Counterterm, Equivalent, Something of value, Cancel, Equiponderate, Counterpoint, Prophylactic, Gravure, Give-and-take, Lithophotogravure, Invalidate, Nullifier, Square, Graphic arts, Redress, Stencil, Reverse

How to use Offset in a sentence?

  1. You can also specify the thickness of the interior walls or their spacing.
  2. The old man hopes to meet his extraordinary medical bills with a parallel floor cleaning job at a local school.
  3. This wheel measures 4 inches.
  4. Some places where the ridge stands for its length.
  5. Compensation for taxable profits.
  6. The organization chart is different than before. Sally took the money to pay the bill and used the donation so that she would not be compensated.
  7. The new Diamondbacks players paid regular players for not having enough time to learn about them.
  8. Clearance is a common strategy in equity and derivative agreements.
  9. Allow all necessary curves, including the office set, to be connected to the flu.
  10. In the clearing position, the trader takes an equal but opposite position to reduce the net position to zero. Opposition positions aim to limit or eliminate responsibility.
  11. Gift of tulip bulbs, plywood and acorns for your garden.
  12. They issue tickets for compensation.
  13. The deficit was more than the inflow of capital.

Meaning of Offset & Offset Definition