Definition of Offline:

  1. Computer physically but not electronically connected to a network or other computer and, hence, not under its direct control. Many data entry or processing functions are performed offline to protect sensitive data from other users on the network.

Meaning of Offline & Offline Definition

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Definition of Offline:

  1. Refers to a computer that is not connected to the Internet.

  2. Offline can be defined as, It is not controlled by the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

Meanings of Offline

  1. Although it is not directly controlled or connected to a computer or external network.

  2. Not directly controlled or connected to an external computer or network.

Sentences of Offline

  1. Your ISP has shut down two other popular websites by government agencies.

  2. Some measures work over the Internet, while others use the Internet directly to facilitate offline activities.

Synonyms of Offline

disconnected , down , logged off