Official Strike

Official Strike,

Official Strike:

  1. Official Strike can be defined as, A formal strike is the termination of an employment contract by a union member which has been approved by the union and meets the legal requirements for strike action such as strike action. Workers participating in regular strikes are better protected from holidays. Workers often go on strike as a last resort to respond to complaints. A formal strike can also be called a formal rally, strike action or strike action.

  2. Dismiss workers who have the support and approval of the union.

Literal Meanings of Official Strike


Meanings of Official:
  1. A person who holds public office or performs government work, especially as a representative of an organization or ministry

  2. In relation to the authority or body and its duties, functions and responsibilities.

Sentences of Official
  1. A union official

  2. Official duties of the Governor

Synonyms of Official

officer, functionary, appointee, solemn, formal, ritualistic, ceremonial, office-bearer, administrator, office-holder, ceremonious, executive


Meanings of Strike:
  1. Violent and deliberate use of hands, weapons or other devices

  2. (Disaster, illness or other undesirable event) occurs suddenly and has a negative or detrimental effect.

  3. (An idea or thought) comes suddenly (unexpectedly) to (someone).

  4. (Clock) indicates time by ringing a bell or a bell.

  5. Lighten it (a match) by rubbing vigorously against the abrasive surface.

  6. (Employees) refuse to work in organized protests, often aimed at obtaining one or more special benefits from their employers.

  7. Cancel, delete or scratch with a pen.

  8. Make (coins or medals) by punching metals.

  9. Acquire, acquire or accept (something that means agreement, balance or compromise)

  10. Find by drilling or mining (gold, mineral or oil).

  11. Move or move by force or intention.

  12. Knock (tent or camp tent)

  13. Sticks (pieces of plants) in the ground to establish roots.

  14. Place the hook in the mouth of the fish after swinging or squeezing, after cutting or blowing the line.

  15. Refusal to work by a group of workers in the form of a protest is usually intended to get one or more benefits from their employer.

Sentences of Strike
  1. He raised his hand as if he was going to kill me

  2. The quake hit the island

  3. A terrible thought struck Melissa

  4. The church clock is noon

  5. Collect and meet others

  6. Employees can go on strike after receiving a threat of losing their job

  7. Cross his name from this list

  8. Similar medals printed by Normandy veterans

  9. The team has a contract with a sports marketing agency

Synonyms of Strike

stamp, strike out, turn up, dawn on one, manufacture, unearth, hit, attain, blue-pencil, reach, walk out, go on strike, strike, make, move towards, scratch out, occur to, smite, unearthing, come upon, chance on, come to, head, ignite