Office visit

Office visit,

Definition of Office visit:

  1. Services that are provided by the physician in office.

Meaning of Office visit & Office visit Definition

Office Visit,

What is Office Visit?

  1. The definition of Office Visit is: When you go to the doctor or dentist for routine care, going to the office is the amount you pay. Example of an office visit to office 100:

    • If the office visit plan is $ 25, pay $ 25.
    • If the Office Visit Plan costs قبل 30 before deductions, you pay 30 30.
    • If the post-discount office visit is ٪ 35 and you are not eligible for your deduction, you will have to pay $ 100. When you meet your deduction, you will have to pay 35.

    Choose a large amount to reduce your monthly premium.

Literal Meanings of Office Visit


Meanings of Office:
  1. A group of rooms, rooms or buildings used as commercial, professional or bureaucratic workplaces.

  2. Authority or place of service, usually of a public nature.

  3. Service or kindness to another person or group of people.

  4. Daily prayer services and psalms are performed (or sung) by Roman Catholic priests, clergy and other members of the clergy. As part of the daily prayer service.

Sentences of Office
  1. Attorney General

  2. For centuries, God's office has been faithfully guarded only by priests, monks, and nuns.

Synonyms of Office

place of business, place of work, workplace, workroom, studio, post, position, appointment, job, day job, occupation, role, place, situation, station, function, capacity, assistance, help, aid, services, intervention, intercession, mediation, intermediation, agency, support, backing


Meanings of Visit:
  1. Watch and go out with (someone) socially.

  2. Apply something (harmful or offensive) to someone.

  3. As a tourist or for any other purpose, to visit a person or a place socially.

Sentences of Visit
  1. I came to my grandmother

  2. The provocation was made by his friends

  3. See a doctor

Synonyms of Visit

pay someone a call, pay someone a visit, pay a call on, pay a visit to, go to see, come to see, look in on, happen to, overtake, befall, come upon, fall upon, hit, strike, social call, call