Offer (Buying) Price

Offer (Buying) Price,

Offer (Buying) Price: What is the Meaning of Offer (Buying) Price?

  1. Offer (Buying) Price can be defined as, The price at which you buy shares or participation in a variable investment fund. The price you receive when selling shares or units in a mutual fund is known as the selling price. The difference between the two is often called the "bid margin".

Literal Meanings of Offer (Buying) Price


Meanings of Offer:
  1. Introduce or present (someone) Accept or reject (someone) as desired

  2. Express a desire to do or give something when asked.

Sentences of Offer
  1. May I buy you a drink?

  2. Mallory accepted the offer to buy him a drink

Synonyms of Offer

proffer, advance, provide, present, submission, come up with, submit, proposal, proposition, propose, render, recommend, extend, approach, give, suggest, put forward, propound, suggestion, tender, overture


Meanings of Buying:
  1. Accepted with payment.

  2. Get the truth from

  3. shopping.

Sentences of Buying
  1. Buy six premium stamps

  2. Alcohol is rarely purchased at duty free stores.

Synonyms of Buying

make a purchase of, bless, acquisition, deal, holding, assent to, get, snap up, say yes to, investment, give one's seal of approval to, consent to, addition, give one's stamp of approval to, gain, make the purchase of, obtain, concur in, pick up, agree to, accede to, possession, rubber-stamp, acquiesce in, asset, give one's blessing to, accept


Meanings of Price:
  1. Determine the amount needed (something to be offered for sale)

  2. Money is given as an expectation, need, or payment for something.

  3. Unwanted experiences, events or actions that are necessary as conditions to achieve the desired goal.

Sentences of Price
  1. The cost of watches in this range is 14.50

  2. Land can be sold at a higher price.

  3. The price of success is debated all day

Synonyms of Price

put a price on, payment, charge, appraise, toll, set the price of, amount, forfeiture, rate, fix the price of, fare, penalty, result, estimate, consequence, figure, total, sum, assess, sacrifice, evaluate, levy, value, assay, forfeit, cost