Off the record

Off the record,

Definition of Off the record:

  1. Statement that is said in aside and is not meant to be a part of the recorded account of a proceeding such as an interview or a court case. See also on the record.

  2. Not made as an official or attributable statement.

Synonyms of Off the record

Unofficial, Confidential, In confidence, In strict confidence, Not for publication, Not for public consumption, Not to be made public, Not for circulation, Not to be disclosed, Not to be mentioned, Private, Secret, Classified, Under wraps, To be kept under wraps

How to use Off the record in a sentence?

  1. The reporter then asked the questions by first stating, off the record , which allowed the businessman to relax in their conversation.
  2. The lawyers from both sides approached the bench and spoke to the judge off the record regarding whether or not the evidence can be admissible in court.
  3. Officially we have no news but speaking off the record I can tell you a deal to buy that company is very close to happening, we are just finished up the final parts of the contract.
  4. All this is off the record.

Meaning of Off the record & Off the record Definition