Definition of Off-the-charts:

  • Definition of Off-the-charts: Something that was far below or far above normal expectations.

Literal Meanings of Off-the-charts


Meanings of Off:
  1. Move away from the desired location in a certain direction or distance.

  2. Remove or separate

  3. End the journey or end the race.

  4. Come back or be bullied

  5. Breakdown or stop working (from an electrical appliance or power supply).

  6. Access or possession of material goods or assets to a certain extent.

  7. Get down as fast as you can.

  8. Located or driving in the direction of (main road or intersection)

  9. To remove or separate from

  10. Feelings of poor performance or unsatisfactory or inadequate performance.

  11. (Food) is not fresh anymore.

  12. It is located on the sides of the vehicle, usually away from the road.

  13. Shame or injustice.

  14. Half playground (spread all over the court) for which the racket's leg is raised to catch the ball.

  15. Kill

Sentences of Off
  1. The man ran away

  2. Take off his coat

  3. The gunmen walked away

  4. The Christmas party ended a very successful year

  5. Turn off the TV

  6. Are we bad enough to sell?

  7. Wrapped up in bed

  8. Individual cable out of the main line

  9. Threats to break the occupation

Synonyms of Off

mouldy, unacceptable, below the belt, unreasonable, bad, unjustifiable, unjustified, stale, unfair, away, rotten, unnecessary, from there, inequitable, unsatisfactory, rancid, to a distance, putrescent, uncalled for, from here, spoiled, putrid, turned, sour


Meanings of The:
  1. This refers to one or more individuals or things that have been mentioned or are considered general knowledge.

  2. It is used to indicate a clause or expression that satisfies a condition or explains the following.

  3. It is used to give a general reference to something rather than to identify a particular example.

  4. Coffee (especially one thing)

  5. (Pronounced with an emphasis on "O") Used to indicate who is the most famous or important person or person in that name or category.

  6. It is used as an advertisement with comparative value to indicate how the quantity or level of one thing differs from another.

Sentences of The
  1. what's the problem?

  2. The riots that made them

  3. Learn to play the violin

  4. I hope to post something every month if I get paid

  5. She is a young hot jazz pianist

  6. The more I think about it, the more devastating it is

Synonyms of The

the start, the very beginning, the outset, the commencement, the beginning


Meanings of Charts:
  1. Information sheets in the form of tables, graphs or charts.

  2. Create a map (an area)

  3. (From an album) sells enough copies to enter the music chart in any position.

Sentences of Charts
  1. The doctor recorded his blood pressure on a map

  2. Cook mapped New Zealand's coastline and water

  3. His record is probably 74

Synonyms of Charts

survey, guide, graph, illustration, delineate, plot, table, depict, histogram, draw, chart, scheme, figure, portray, grid, diagram, tabulation