Off-peak Meanings:

  • The period of time during which the service, e.g. Telephone networks, travel, electricity, gas, etc. Consumers use less, so prices and tariffs are lower now.

Literal Meanings of Off-peak


Meanings of Off:
  1. Go and get off often.

  2. Located or driving in the direction of (main road or intersection)

  3. Remove or separate

  4. Half of the court (divided by the length) in which the batsman's feet point when he gets up to catch the ball.

  5. Characteristic of performing poorly or feeling unsatisfactory or inadequate

  6. (Foods) are not fresh anymore.

  7. Located on the side of the vehicle which is usually away from the side curb.

  8. Shameful or unfair

  9. Too far from the desired location or distance

  10. To delete or disconnect

  11. Travel or run.

  12. Stopped or stopped.

  13. Not working (from reality or power adapter) or stopped working.

  14. Access or seize material goods or property to a certain extent.

Sentences of Off
  1. Get out of bed

  2. Individual network cable

  3. His possession threatened to tear him apart

  4. Event guard in bat in style and absolutely deadly in the opponent's goal.

  5. Even the best athletes have a few days off

  6. The fish are a bit extinct

Synonyms of Off

rancid, spoiled, away, putrid, unjustifiable, uncalled for, unjust, unwarranted, unacceptable, turned, from here, unnecessary, high, inequitable, rotten, from there, unjustified, below the belt, sour, unreasonable, putrescent, to a distance


Meanings of Peak:
  1. For a certain amount of money or at a certain time, get high position.

  2. Sharp mountain peaks.

  3. Supreme

  4. Health is declining and morale is declining.

Sentences of Peak
  1. Its popularity peaked in the 1940s.

  2. Snow-capped peaks rise above the blue sky.

  3. I didn't expect to be close to the best before Christmas

Synonyms of Peak

reach the high point, vertex, greatest, tip, mountaintop, maximum, apex, cap, spire, utmost, heights, apogee, pinnacle, crown, acme, zenith, uttermost, summit, maximal, brow, reach its highest point


Off-peak Meanings:

  • Off-peak can be defined as, Once a ministry, for example. Pneumatic networks, travel, electricity, gas, etc. are used less by consumers, available and at the lowest prices today.

Literal Meanings of Off-peak


Meanings of Off:
  1. Away or at a distance from the place in question.

  2. Removed or separated.

  3. Get out of the way or run.

  4. Not working (from electrical device or power supply) or stopped working.

  5. Gain access or ownership of some material goods or assets.

  6. Located or driving away from (a main road or intersection).

  7. There is a temporary hesitation.

  8. Feature of poor or unsatisfactory performance, or feeling worse than usual.

  9. (Foods) are no longer fresh.

  10. Stay on the side of the car that is usually farthest from the road.

  11. Boring or unfair?

  12. Hostility or enmity

Sentences of Off
  1. We are closed tomorrow

  2. We're too bad for books.

  3. He threatens to tear down the door.

  4. Fever and no longer eating.

  5. Even the best athletes have a day off.

  6. The fish is a little loose

  7. Your boss took money from your salary. It's a little whimsical

  8. There is no one but the maid and it is a little late.

  9. Now Ian is ready to go.

  10. The so-called loyal workers get up and start a new business.

  11. I fell and chased the boy.

Synonyms of Off

unfriendly, hostile, stand-offish, aloof, uncommunicative, offish, out of order, unapproachable, a bit much, cold, bad, a bit thick, distant, chilly, unfair, stale, unresponsive, frigid, cool, unsatisfactory, mouldy, over the fence, frosty


Meanings of Peak:
  1. Achieve a high position, either with a certain amount or during a certain period.

  2. At the highest maximum level.

  3. Falling of health and morale.

Sentences of Peak
  1. Clouds of fog cling to the top of the mountain.

  2. Beat two egg whites firmly.

  3. He is at his peak as a cricketer.

  4. The disease is most prevalent in summer.

  5. The channel has been restored.

  6. He sits all day, leaning on the heights and towards the fire.

Synonyms of Peak

peak of perfection, best, heyday, ascendancy, highest level, crowning point, high point/spot, culmination, nonpareil, reach a ■■■■■■, highlight, ne plus ultra, crest, epitome, consummation, ultimate, meridian, reach the zenith, ■■■■■■, come to a head, perfection