Off-Balance Sheet (OBS)

Off-Balance Sheet (OBS),

What is The Definition of Off-Balance Sheet (OBS)?

  • Off-Balance Sheet (OBS) means: Off-balance sheet item (OBS) is a term used to describe assets or liabilities that are not listed on a company's balance sheet. Even if they are not on the balance sheet, they are still the company's assets and liabilities. Items off the balance sheet are usually items that do not belong to the company or represent the company's direct responsibilities. For example, when a loan is secured and sold as an investment, the secured loan is usually written off from bank books. Prior to the change in accounting rules, which included the important responsibility of operating lease in the balance sheet, operating leases were the most unbalanced.

    • Off-balance sheet items (OBS) is an accounting practice in which the company does not include any liabilities in its balance sheet.
    • Although they are not listed on the balance sheet, these items are still the company's assets and liabilities.
    • Items in the balance sheet can be used to reduce debt and benefit ratio, allow cheaper loans and avoid breach of contract.
    • The practice of off-balance sheet financing has been scrutinized following the exposure of piracy in connection with accounting scandals.

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