Odious Debt

Odious Debt,

What is The Definition of Odious Debt?

  1. Improper debt, also known as illicit debt, occurs when the government of one country embezzles money taken from another country.

Literal Meanings of Odious Debt


Meanings of Odious:
  1. Very annoying.

Sentences of Odious
  1. A beautiful disgusting character

Synonyms of Odious

obscene, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, atrocious, distasteful, vile, awful, objectionable, execrable, deplorable, unspeakable, offensive, abominable, disgusting, abhorrent, foul, horrendous, monstrous, insufferable, reprehensible, unpalatable, unacceptable, noxious, intolerable, displeasing


Synonyms of Debt

tally, amount due, bill, financial obligation, money owing, outstanding payment, account