Oceans 11 Cast

Oceans 11 Cast

Who played the casino owner in Oceans 11?

Terry BenedictDid he also ask who was the woman in Oceans 11?

The Warner Bros. spinoff The Oceans 11 stars Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean (George Clooney’s distant sister of Danny Ocean) who puts together a team to pull a daring elevator at the New York Met Gala.

Was Ocean’s 11 also based on a true story?

No, it was fiction. George Clooney’s remake is based on a film starring Hollywood Rat Pack Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jr. and the gang. And both films were based on a story by Jack Golden Russell and George Clayton Johnson.

So the question is: how did Oceans 11 steal the money?

Once you’re in the safe, which is where all the money is, lifting is a smart way to get the money back from the casino to the team. Ocean plans to have Benedict’s team carry the bags of money that the thieves left at an airport away from the casino.

Who are the players playing in Oceans 11 Poker?

Oceans Eleven has an ensemble consisting of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Andy García, Bernie Mac and Julia Roberts. Five TV actors like Comos and learn poker with Rusty:

  • Holly Marie Combs.
  • Topher grace.
  • Joshua Jackson.
  • Barry Watson.
  • Shane West.

Is Danny Ocean ■■■■?

In the spin-off film focusing on Danny Ocean’s sister Debbie, who is trying to get a big boost at the New York Met Gala, it is revealed that Danny died in 2018 despite her and other characters being her lives lost because they suspected. that he was faking his death.

Why did Danny Ocean die?

But the film will surely give us a very good reason: As we learn at the beginning of the film, Clooney’s Danny Ocean died for unknown reasons while his sister Debbie (Sandra Bullock) was in prison.

When did Danny Ocean die?

However, it quickly emerged that Danny died in 2018 (whether he faked his death or it wasn’t a gag), and when Debbie visits the brothers’ grave, Oceans star Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould) comes to visit him first for warn him. he continues his scam at the Met Gala.

Why is it called Oceans 8?

How Oceans 8 got its name. It turns out that the name of the next female-led robbery movie actually comes from Ocean’s Eleven director and Ocean’s 8 producer Steven Soderbergh, possibly to pave the way for a trilogy. Ocean 8 director Gary Ross said: It was Soderbergh’s idea.

Why did Brad Pitt eat Oceans 11?

From iMDB: Eat something in almost every scene Rusty plays. According to Brad Pitt, this is because the whole gang (especially his character) would be so busy that they might rarely be able to eat. It was decided that Rusty would eat all the time.

Am I a sequel to Oceans 8?

The first sequel, Oceans Twelve, was released in 2004 with the third and final film, Oceans Thirteen, released after 2007. Oceans 8, an all-female spin-off, written and directed by Gary Ross, was released on 8. June 2018.

What happened to Danny Hav?

Danny Ocean’s grave may suggest he died in 2018, but given Reuben’s appearance, it is more likely that he faked his death in 2018. At the end of the film, Debbie returns to visit Danny’s grave to celebrate a successful resurrection. He’s gone again, but she pours herself a martini and makes him a toast.

What is a lubricant?

Fat man someone who sneaks into tight spaces / performs skill-requiring tasks.

You have to grease the person to fit in a confined space etc Oceans 11 was shot in Bellagio?

Bellagio was seen for much of the film. Almost five weeks were spent filming the interior and exterior of the Bellagio. Producer Jerry Weintraub had a good relationship with Steve Wynn, who owned Bellagio at the time of the deal, to shoot Ocean’s Eleven.

What are the 3 Oceans 11 casinos?

When Daniel Ocean is released from prison in New Jersey, his next ■■■■■■ is already planned. Danny’s destination are three Las Vegas casinos: Bellagio, Mirage and MGM Grand. They all belong to unscrupulous entrepreneur Terry Benedict, who also shows interest in Danny’s beautiful ex-wife Tess.

How old is Danny Ocean in Oceans 12?

Since Ocean’s Twelve is set in 2004, Danny would be forty or forty-two.

How did you steal the egg in Oceans 12?

So, according to a strict schedule, they already have the real egg when they try to steal the fakes on display in the museum.

(Actually, Francois Toulour steals the fake egg, so the team is stealing a fake egg ?

!) They are then arrested and must be captured by Linus Caldwell’s mother.

How far have you flown in Oceans 13?

He agrees - he hates banking too - but on one condition: Ocean’s team must steal a $ 250 million diamond necklace from an impenetrable chamber on the bank.

Is Oceans 8 on Netflix?

We have new friends on Netflix. That’s right: the Ocean trilogy is coming to Netflix. With the release of Oceans 8 on June 8, Oceans Eleven and Oceans Thirteen will be added to the roster for the first time.

Oceans 11 Cast