Definition of Occupier:

  1. A person or company residing in or using a property as its owner or tenant, or (illegally) as a squatter.

  2. Position: Person performing the duties of a position, and enjoying the benefits and salary that go with it. If a current occupier is not the substantive occupier (or owner) of the position, he or she is acting in that position.

  3. A member of a group that takes possession of a country by force.

  4. Property: Party that takes possession of a dwelling, piece of land, or premises as owner, tenant, or trespasser. A trespasser-occupier may become a lawful tenant if the owner accepts the rent offered, or an owner by adverse possession. Often used as an alternative term for occupant.

How to use Occupier in a sentence?

  1. The individual claimants are freehold owners and occupiers of their homes in Church Village.
  2. The occupiers were reported to have rounded up civilians and carried them off to unknown fates.

Meaning of Occupier & Occupier Definition