Occupational Manual

Occupational Manual,

What is Occupational Manual?

Job classification manual for different types of jobs.

Literal Meanings of Occupational Manual


Meanings of Occupational:
  1. In connection with work or profession.

Sentences of Occupational
  1. For some health professionals, hepatitis B can be a occupational disease.

Synonyms of Occupational

career, vocational, employment, work, job-related, business, professional


Meanings of Manual:
  1. A manual, especially for running a machine or studying a subject. , A manual.

  2. Vehicles with manual delivery.

  3. One-handed limb keyboard

  4. Relative or handmade

Sentences of Manual
  1. Computer manual

  2. A stronger suspension and more accurate steering made me feel like a part of the car, which I usually attach to the manual.

  3. The same shape is often imitated on the limb, with the pedals bass and keyboard holding the treble line.

  4. Skills Skills

Synonyms of Manual

guidebook, labouring, blue-collar, reference book, instruction book, guide, instructions, companion, ABC, done with one's hands, handbook, physical, set of instructions