Occupational Classification

Occupational Classification,

Occupational Classification Meanings:

In terms of employee remuneration, job groups are identical for classification and evaluation purposes. The reason for grouping is that multiple professions present the same risks and dangers.

Literal Meanings of Occupational Classification


Meanings of Occupational:
  1. In connection with work or profession.

Sentences of Occupational
  1. For some health professionals, hepatitis B can be a occupational disease.

Synonyms of Occupational

professional, business, job-related, employment, career, vocational, work


Meanings of Classification:
  1. The process or process of classifying something based on general characteristics.

Sentences of Classification
  1. Classification of diseases according to symptoms

Synonyms of Classification

codification, classifying, systematization, grouping, organization, categorization, categorizing, grading, stratification, sorting, ranking, classing