Definition of Occupant:

  1. Resident of a dwelling, piece of land, or premises, as its owner or tenant; or one who occupies a space in or on something. Privileges (such as easement) enjoyed by any one occupant of a premises are generally enjoyable by all other occupants, not matter how small space they occupy. Often used as an alternative term for occupier.

Synonyms of Occupant

Addressee, Artist-in-residence, Boarder, Denizen, Dweller, Habitant, Hirer, Homesteader, House detective, Householder, Incumbent, Inhabitant, Inhabiter, Inmate, Inpatient, Intern, Leaseholder, Lessee, Live-in maid, Liver, Locum tenens, Lodger, Occupier, Owner, Paying guest, Renter, Residencer, Resident, Resident physician, Residentiary, Resider, Roomer, Sojourner, Squatter, Sublessee, Subtenant, Tenant, Tenant at sufferance, Tenant for life, Underlessee

Meaning of Occupant & Occupant Definition