Occupancy Rate

Occupancy Rate,

How Do You Define Occupancy Rate?

  1. The total ratio of occupied rent or used space is the ratio of available space. Analysts use occupancy rates when talking about homes for the elderly, hospitals, guesthouses, hotels and rental units. In a call center, load refers to the time an agent spends on calls compared to the total working hours.

    • Occupancy rate measures the ratio of occupied space to rent.
    • This phrase helps analysts understand the changes taking place in the residential and commercial real estate market and is widely used to evaluate the characteristics of hotels and resorts.
    • Occupancy rates can be applied to residential buildings, hospital beds or even entire cities to assess economic trends and activities.

Literal Meanings of Occupancy Rate


Meanings of Occupancy:
  1. Action or process occupies a place.

Sentences of Occupancy
  1. The house is finally ready to move

Synonyms of Occupancy

residence, lease, possession, multi-occupancy, owner-occupancy, tenancy, residency, inhabitation, occupation, tenure, holding, habitation, term, use


Sentences of Rate
  1. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving exercises.

Synonyms of Rate

value, cost, judge to be, charge, weigh up, judge, appraise, evaluate, put a value on, think to be, calculate, reckon to be, adjudge, assess, outlay, compute, figure, measure, find to be, hire, hold to be, fare