Definition of Obtain:

  1. Be prevalent, customary, or established.

  2. Get, acquire, or secure (something).

  3. To acquire or receive. If he sold 50 shares at the current stock price, he would obtain a total of $250..

Synonyms of Obtain

Prevail, Be in force, Apply, Exist, Be in use, Be established, Be customary, Be effective, Be prevalent, Stand, Hold, Be the case, Accept, Acquire, Admit, Annex, Apply, Arouse, Assume, Bag, Be, Be extant, Be found, Be in, Be in existence, Be in force, Be met with, Be present, Be seized of, Be the case, Be the rage, Be the rule, Be the thing, Be there, Breathe, Bring, Bring back, Bring forth, Bring on, Bring out, Bring to light, Buy, Call for, Call forth, Call out, Call up, Capture, Catch, Chalk up, Chase after, Come by, Come in for, Come into, Contract, Contrive, Corral, Deduce, Derive, Derive from, Dominate, Drag down, Drag out, Draw, Draw down, Draw forth, Draw from, Draw on, Draw out, Earn, Educe, Effect, Elicit, Enter into possession, Evoke, Exist, Fetch, Fetch and carry, Gain, Get, Get from, Get out of, Go after, Go and get, Go fetch, Go for, Go get, Go to get, Grasp, Happen to be, Harvest, Have, Have being, Have coming in, Have place, Hold, Induce, Inspire, Instigate, Lead, Live, Make, Motivate, Net, Occur, Pick up, Predominate, Prevail, Procure, Provoke, Pull down, Purchase, Reap, Receive, Reign, Relate, Retrieve, Rouse, Rule, Run after, Sack, Score, Secure, Seize, Shag, Stand, Stimulate, Subsist, Summon forth, Summon up, Superinduce, Take, Take in, Take on, Take over, Take possession of, Wangle, Wangle out of, Win, Winkle out, Worm out, Worm out of, Get, Acquire, Come by, Secure, Procure, Come into possession of, Pick up, Be given

How to use Obtain in a sentence?

  1. The price of silver fell to that obtaining elsewhere in the ancient world.
  2. An opportunity to obtain advanced degrees.

Meaning of Obtain & Obtain Definition