Definition of Obsolete:

  1. Cause (a product or idea) to be or become obsolete by replacing it with something new.

  2. No longer produced or used; out of date.

  3. (of a part or characteristic of an organism) less developed than formerly or in a related species; rudimentary; vestigial.

  4. No longer appropriate for the purpose it was obtained due either to the availability of better alternatives or change in user requirements. See also obsolescence.

Synonyms of Obsolete

Abandoned, Abjured, Ago, Ancient, Antediluvian, Antiquate, Antiquated, Antique, Archaic, Behind the times, Blown over, By, Bygone, Bypast, Dated, Dead, Dead and buried, Deceased, Defunct, Demode, Departed, Deserted, Discarded, Discontinued, Disused, Done with, Elapsed, Expired, Extinct, Finished, Forgotten, Gone, Gone glimmering, Gone out, Gone-by, Has-been, Hors de combat, Irrecoverable, Lapsed, No more, Not worth saving, Obsolesce, Obsolescent, Off the field, Old, Old hat, Old-fashioned, Old-time, Old-timey, On the shelf, Out, Out of commission, Out of date, Out of fashion, Out of gear, Out of style, Out of use, Out-of-date, Outdated, Outmoded, Outworn, Over, Passe, Passed, Passed away, Past, Past use, Pensioned off, Relinquished, Renounced, Resigned, Retired, Run out, Superannuate, Superannuated, Superseded, Unused, Vanished, Worn-out, Wound up, Rudimentary, Undeveloped, Incomplete, Embryonic, Immature, Out of date, Outdated, Outmoded, Old-fashioned

How to use Obsolete in a sentence?

  1. Status-conscious Steve was frustrated to see a new model of iPhone on the market because he felt it made the model he bought just a month ago seem obsolete .
  2. Were trying to stimulate the business by obsoleting last years designs.
  3. The disposal of old and obsolete machinery.
  4. The black-powder rifle became obsolete when semi-automatic rifles took its place, allowing for superior firepower and customization, ultimately being a step-up from its predecessor.
  5. In the other three families the maxillary palps are vestigial or obsolete.
  6. We use computers in offices because typewriters and calculators have become obsolete in the last thirty years and computers have many more capabilities.

Meaning of Obsolete & Obsolete Definition